We had around 150 entrants for our tournament this past weekend.  The gym looked great with all the tables and barriers in place.  Our volunteers worked tirelessly Saturday and Sunday at the desk, inputting the scores and trying to field the numerous questions you always get.  The juniors helped out greatly with the tear down of the equipment.  To all the volunteers from the club we thank you.

In the Open Singles Final Bruno(Texas Wesleyan) defeated Mark Hazinski 4-2.  Our club members had a great showing.  Marty Stoner won the U-2200 and was runner up in the U18.  Dion Miller won the U-2100, Will Pringle (Notre Dame) won the U-2000.  Kan Wang the newest daddy at the club won the U-1750 and Sam Burns won the U-1400 & U-1300.  The local paper ran an article before and after the tourney thanks to Andre Stoner getting them the info.

Once again thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this tournament a success.  Omnipong.com has the results posted as does the USA Table Tennis site.