The coach has taken Marty and Dion with him to the nationals.  The club wishes them well on their first endeavor to the big event.  Andre Stoner gave us their itinerary.


This afternoon we sent Dion and Marty with Coach Danny Seemiller off an their adventure to the US Table Tennis Nationals in Las Vegas. Attached is a picture from their departure at the South Bend airport. They were very excited. (This is Dion's first airplane ride.)

Each of the boys will be competing in nine events over the next six days. Here are the events:

Event number       Event                                 Day and Time
8           Junior Boys Single Team Trials       Monday 9:45 am
6           Cadet Boys Singles Team Trials      Monday 3:45 pm
53                    2200 Round Robin               Tuesday  9:45 am

1                   Men's Single                           Tuesday 3:45 pm  (Marty only)

52                    2300  RR                            Wednesday 9:45 am
55                    2000  RR                            Wed. 12:45 pm  (Dion only)
51                    2400 RR                             Thurs. 9:45 am
54                    2100 RR                             Thurs. 12:45 pm
76                4200 Doubles                           Friday 9:45 am   (Marty and Dion play as a doubles team)
95                 Jr. Boy's Team                        Saturday 9:00 am  (Marty and Dion play as a team)

Here is a link to the US Table Tennis National Championship event.
There's a link on the left of that page "Draws and Results" which I believe will post results after each event. (It is not live yet.)
Here's a link to where you can find out info about each event and who the other players are.

Cathy and I will both be at a national church convention with a full plate of activities this week, but I might be able to send an occasional update.

This will be the first time Marty and Dion face competition on the national stage, from players from both coasts. It will be a great chance to play a wide range of players with different styles, to show what they've got, to see what they've got to work towards.  They have been working very hard -- earlier in June in a week-long clinic with Coach practicing and playing six hours each day, and this last week having a chance to practice several hours each day. 

We wish them all the best!
Andre Stoner