The boxing people are done using the gym until sometime in August.  We will now be opening at 5:00PM on Tuesday night.  Tuesday night is open play and people can come right from work and get in a good practice now without having to go home and then come back.  I am reviewing all memberships so if you are due please expect an email letting you know when payment is due.


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P.S. We will close around 9:00PM.

We are going to Thursdays for our club league night starting April 28, 2016.  The league will start at 6:30PM just like we did at the old facility.  Please call Coach Seemiller @ 574-261-4545 if you are running late so he can put you in. Feel free to tell some of the members you haven't seen and any new people with an interest.  We have room for all levels of play.

We have a schedule of sorts figured out finally for our Thursday open play.  This coming Thursday (Feb 18) we will have a late start just like Tuesday which is 7:30PM and then the following weeks until April 21 we will be open at 5:00PM.  So we have a late start Thursday and then 8 straight weeks we open at 5:00PM.  Feel free to contact fellow members and others about our new facility and also the new day and time (Tue - 7:30PM) for our league play.

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