2020 Robo-Pong St. Joseph Valley Open Tournament (Updated Feb 12, 2020)

Our annual Robo-Pong St. Joseph Valley Open Tournament will be held on March 21 and 22, 2020.  Go to https://omnipong.com and follow>Tournaments>Indiana>2020 RoboPong St Joe Valley Open to enter.  You can also see a pdf of the entry form by clicking this link:  https://omnipong.com/EntryForms/1033-20.pdf


Table Tennis Podcast - Special Episode with Danny Seemiller (Updated Feb 10, 2020)

Listen to this interview in which South Bend coach Danny Seemiller tells about his amazing table tennis career.  Click on the link below:


Article on SBTTC junior player Dion Payne-Miller (Updated Feb 12, 2020)

Here's an interesting article on Dion.  Click on the link below:


Dion Payne-Miller, a junior at South Bend Adams, once prayed to God that he would never be bored in his life. Boy, was his prayer answered. Besides working a couple of part-time jobs and holding a ...


In case you missed it, see Coach Dan Seemiller's national interview on CBS This Morning on his bid for the 2020 Olympic Team!  Click on the link below:


Support Coach Seemiller through GoFundMe in his attempt to make the 2020 Olympics Team.