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Final Results from the St Joseph Valley Open Table Tennis Tournament, Saturday and Sunday, March 12th and 13th
Compiled by Andre Stoner
Open Men's Singles:
1) Yi Chi Zhang - Clinton, MS 2) Mark Hazinski - Plano, TX (originally from Mishawaka) 3) Tong Zhang - Clinton, MS / Chong Li - Clinton, MS
Open Doubles: 1. Yi Chi Zhang and Qing Wei Sun - Clinton, MS 2) Dan Seemiller, New Carlisle, IN and Mark Hazinski - Plano, TX 
Open Women's Singles: 1 Chelsea Edghill, St Charles, MO 2) Andrea Hoppert, St. Charles, MO 
Hard Bat Open:
1. Ahmed Hendawi - Coachell, CA; 2. Austin Preiss, St. Charles, MO 3. Micaiah Skolnick, St. Charles, MO / Santiago Sevilla, Saint Charles, MO
Under 2550: 1. Tong Zhang, Clinton, MS 2. Yi Chi Zhang, Clinton, MS 3. Micaiah Skolnick, St. Charles, MO / Santiago Sevilla, St. Charles, MO 
Under 2450: 1. Alex Legaria, St. Charles, MO 2. Felipe Morita, St. Charles, MO  3. Ahmed Hendawi, Coachella, CA, / Gabriel Skolnich, Peach Bottom, PA
Under 2200:  1. Chip Coulter, Pittsburg, PA; 2. Roger Liu, OH 3. Kaixin Jiang, IL / David Cabrera, St. Charles, MO
Under 2100: 1. Aydin Aykanat, Hudson, OH 2. Roman Sivkov, IL 3. Marty Stoner, South Bend, IN / Mina Boushra, Nashville, TN
Under 2000: 1. Kevin Choo, St. Charles, MO 2. Aydin Aykanat, Hudson, OH 3. Todao Inui, Buffalo Grove, IL / Andrea Hoppert, Saint Charles, MO
Under 1900: 1. Kevin Choo, St. Charles, MO 2. Tadao Inui, Buffalo Grove, IL 3. Marty Stoner, South Bend, IN / Bruce Bakken, Lakeville, MN
Under 1800: 1. Dion Payne Miller, South Bend, IN 2. Nandan Naresh, Lisle, IL 3. Swavek Lorenc, Aurora, IL / Ashish Kotnis, Troy, MI
Under 1675: 1. Ricardo Reid, Ft. Wayne, IN 2. Dionta Miller, South Bend, IN 3. Morris Abraham, South Bend, IN / Sarah Jalli, North Canton, OH
Under 1575: 1. Dionta Miller, South Bend, IN 2. Kestutis Vileikis, IL 3. Eric Arnett, South Bend, IN / Rick Dennie, IN
Under 1475: 1. Dionta Miller, South Bend, IN.; 2. Tyler Li, Ft. Wayne, IN 3. Kestutis Vileikis, IL / Rick Carmean, MI 
Under 1400: 1 Michael Godlewski, Gurnee, IL; 2. Dominique Clark, South Bend, IN 3. Chris Peri, East Dundee, IL / Paul Krynski, Homer Glen, IL
Under 1300: 1. Alexander Cai, Mequon, WI 2. Dominique Clark, South Bend, IN
Under 1100: 1. Dominique Clark, South Bend, IN 2. James Yoder, Nappanee, IN 3. Alexander Cai, Mequon, WI / Sampath Ramanujam, Aurora, IL
Under 1000: 1. Alexander Cai, Mequon, WI 2. Lijian Cai, Mequon, WI 3. Sampath Ramanujam, Aurora, IL / Harin Chhatiawala, IN
Under 900: 1. Alexander Cai, Mequon, WI 2. Hasina Rajabali, Chicago, IL 3. Lijian Cai, Mequon, WI
18 and Under: 1. Ali Khatami, Solon, OH
15 and Under: 1. Kaixin Jiang, IL 2. Marty Stoner, South Bend, IN 3. Manikandan Nagarathnam, Oswego, IL / Soham Kotnis, Troy, MI 
13 and Under: 1. Kaixin Jiang, IL 2. Dion Payne Miller, South Bend, IN 3. Marty Stoner, South Bend, IN /  Soham Kotnis, Troy, MI
40 and Over: 1. Chip Coulter, Pittsburgh, PA; 2. Scott Barone, Cabot, AR 3. Dell Sweeris Caledonia, MI / Seemant Teotia, Atlanta, GA
50 and Over: 1. Dell Sweeris, Caledonia, MI 2. Tom Dannenfelser, Ft. Wayne, IN


The 52nd St. Joseph Valley Open will be held in the IUSB Student Activities Center on March 12th & 13th using 32 Butterfly and Donic tables and an uncounted number of Butterfly G40+ balls. SBTTC will be offering 27 events over the 2 days and we look forward to seeing all of you during that time. As you have been reminded several times this is a volunteer effort and is the lifeline for our Juniors Program.

To sign up log into OmniPong account at and if you do not have an account signup for free. The entry form is out there or you can click here to get it off our website.

The SJVO remains one of the longest running tourneys in the COUNTRY, has been computerized / time scheduled since restarting in 1993 and is played at the IUSB SAC. The facility boasts wood flooring, 35' high ceilings and great lighting.

Coach Seemiller and our Juniors Team journeyed to:
2015 Butterfly Badger Open
September 18th, 19th & 20th

On two beautiful fall days in Highland Indiana 234 Table Tennis players traveled to the Lincoln Center Fieldhouse to participate in our 12th Annual South Shore Sports / Butterfly TT Championships. This was the largest turnout SBTTC had seen in a while but with a good time schedule and Coach Seemiller literally taking several events out on the floor to hand direct the players we managed to stay on schedule.

This tourney also encompasses the Nate Wasserman Junior Championships and 44 players nationwide came to compete for over $5000 in those 6 events. SBTTC thanks them for their sponsorship and we love hosting both these Juniors and all the other players who participate in our tourney. As always the revenue from this as well as the St. Joe Valley Open is used to fund our Junior Program.

Speaking of which several of you probably ran into Marty Stoner (winner of U1875 & U1750), Dominique Clark (winner of U1000 & U800), Ronnie Coleman (2nd in U800) and brothers Dion & Dionta Payne-Miller.

The current and future success of these and other of our Junior players rest on the proceeds from SBTTC's 2 major tournaments and the donations from our many individuals and sponsors!! And of course ... none of this happens without the loyal support of our volunteers ... there is no amount of thanks that can reward them for their efforts (so we do provide them with pizza throughout the weekend:).



South Benders Dan Jr, Steve and Marty headed to the Champaign Summer Open which was a giant RR tournament this past weekend.